How to Develop a Mindset for Massive Success with Affiliate Marketing

success with affiliate marketing

The Secret to getting ahead is to Get Started

Like any other business, success with Affiliate Marketing starts with identifying your Why.

With online resources available around us, it is very easy to learn to How to do something. Unfortunately, it is equally easy to get caught up in the Internet-noise and lose your focus.

You have a high level of motivation when you begin your journey, but it seems to wane as you encounter challenges.

Your success with affiliate marketing will be decided on your reasons else, eventually, you will find a reason to give UP!  

Why you should learn Affiliate Marketing?

Do you crave for Financial Freedom? 

Are you experiencing rat-race fatigue?

Do you want to be your own boss and lead life on your terms?

Or maybe you are like me who wants to spend this precious life with his family and do more of the things that matter to me.

Maybe you have a different reason altogether. There is no right answer. Come with your own Right and Wrong.

The reason I emphasize so much on your reason is because this will become pivotal in your journey ahead.

Affiliate Marketing can certainly help you build the dream life you always wanted. But this path has its own learning curve. It is your commitment and determination that will determine the level of success you achieve. 

Recently I had this new realization.

Learning how to generate Passive Income is now not an optional thing. It is a necessity.

This pandemic has shown how vulnerable we are at various levels. I have seen my friends posting from their LinkedIn profiles, trying to reach out to others for help as their company didn’t bother to sack them off even in these troubled times.

It is of paramount importance that you begin a side hustle and do everything in your power to make it grow.

Success with Affiliate Marketing


Success with Affiliate Marketing: How to distinguish yourself

The only way you beat your competition is to Think Long Term.

Successful Affiliate Marketers are not those who don’t make mistakes but those who don’t quit.

This is why I wanted to start with the Success Mindset article.

In order to succeed, you have to become a 2.0 version of yourself.

If you would have listened to Matthew McConaughey’s Best Actor speech, he talks that his superhero is his future self.

You have to imagine how effective, efficient, and committed you have become in the future and have to start living that today.

You have to be detached from your current self and your current state as in all likelihood your current state wants stability and is afraid to make changes.

success with affiliate marketing

Dream Big

You cannot achieve more than you dream.

Do not be afraid to dream big. It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

When you dream, you put yourself in a vulnerable position.

You fear failure but Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success. The only failure is when you give up.

Make yourself a promise to not give up until you achieve the Financial Freedom and create a prosperous and meaningful life for you and your family.

I am reminded of the scene from Cinderella Man when Russel Crowe is all beaten up in the boxing ring by his opponent. He is about to give up when the images of his kids in poverty condition flashes by.

At that moment instead of giving up, he smiles back at his opponent. 

Another thing that I found when I worked with some of the successful Internet marketers is that they had a vision board/ document/ image.

How this works is that you create a document with pictures of your future House, Car, and lifestyle in general.

Add as many details as possible. If you don’t get pictures, supplement the document with your words about how your life would be. Now the trick is that you write in the present tense as if you already have the things that you want.

For eg. add an image of a house that you like and next to it write about it in the present tense. This is my house. It has x bedrooms, a small pool, a gaming room, and a library full of books about … 

success with affiliate marketing

Have high standards for yourself

The world is your reflection.

You attract people who share your standards.

Do not be cheap to get the job done.

While in some cases, it is necessary, it should not be your modus operandi on your way to success. Invest in the right products, seminars, tools, and courses that you think will be a value addition.

Set high standards for yourself.

If you consume high-quality content, use high-quality tools, you will produce high-quality products.

Find your Ikigai

I read this book by Hector Garcia where it is said that in order to live a purposeful, successful, and meaningful life, it is important to find your Ikigai.

You need to find that one thing which you enjoy doing and which the world wants.

When you do more of what you love, it won’t seem like work at all. You will not be troubled by the output because you enjoy the process itself.

If you are in a regular job and do what you love, then you are an exception and lucky. But, if you are like me, who wants to break away from the monotony and create something valuable, then you need to put some thought around this.

Follow your heart and do more of the things that matter to you. 

If you don’t try you will never know. 

In the coming articles, we will talk about how to pick a profitable niche, set up your blog, and grow your online business around it.

follow your heart

Bulletproof Mindset

There is a level of uncertainty in our minds whenever we start something new.

It is a good thing as it helps us keep ourselves safe (something that has been part of our psyche since ancient times when we needed to live in groups and protect ourselves from imminent physical danger).

Maybe your current version will have doubts too and eventually give you reasons not to embark on this journey.

But remember, you are your version 2.0.

You base your reasons on your knowledge and intellect.

Read Good Books, timeless content.

Learn how people before you fought through their doubts and fear and manifested their dreams to reality.

Organize your daily life.

Create a Routine that makes you productive.

Mark days for learning, reading, routine tasks, and other miscellaneous activity.  Include exercise,  meditation, and a good diet.

Take charge of your life.

There are proofs spread all over the Internet that people have made it big in the field of Affiliate Marketing. At the same time, it is also true that you will get lost amidst all the noise and confusion by people pitching this as Get Rich Quick scheme.

This is a legit business model that works.

You need the right recipe and ingredients to make a delicious meal.

Similarly, you need the right tools, strategies, and information to attain success with Affiliate Marketing. 

With this, I welcome you to my blog and wish you the best in your journey ahead !

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