Siteground WordPress Hosting: Best Web Hosting in 2020

siteground wordpress hosting

Correct me if you find me wrong; chances are high that probably you are confused to pick the right web hosting. That’s why you are looking for a SiteGround WordPress Hosting Reviews.

I am using SiteGround WordPress Hosting myself and have come up with some pointers which will aid you in making an informed choice.

I am not going to be biased in writing SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review. You should definitely trust me because all the things about SiteGround Web Hosting are my honest reviews.

To get the core idea of why SiteGround is the most popular web hosting in 2020, I have prepared this blog for you!

Here in this review guide, you are going to learn everything about SiteGround Web Hosting. If you make it till then, I guarantee you will thank me later! 

Before I jump to the topic of why SiteGround is the best provider of web hosting services, let me explain the use of web hosting.

It is because when the blog ends, there are no questions are left in your mind.

Web Hosting – And Its Use

You might have been lost by a lot of noise on the internet about the web hosting service provider. Many tech bloggers are comparing different web hosting services with each other.

So, what is web hosting ?

Web hosting is basically renting some space on a web server so that you can store your website files and make them available globally.

Any live website is hosted on a server that works as a strong hardware piece that spaces valuable data concerned with those websites.

From texts to images and videos and files, the web host stores every website component on its servers.

Whether you are an agency, developer, freelancer, or small business, you should know that web hosting allows you to host a website over the internet.

If you own a website, you have to opt for the service of web hosting providers like SiteGround that provides technologies required for a website if someone wants to view it on the internet.

Importance Of Web Hosting 

In simple words, using a web hosting service is important if you want people across your country or border to view and access your website. If you seek server space for your website, the renowned web hosting service like SiteGround provides the technology for your website for the viewers to get accessed to the internet.

With the best web hosting service like SiteGround by your side, you unlock the remarkable web host for websites of all sizes.

Types Of Web Hosting You Must Know About 

Due to differences in servers, you get different web hosting options. If you consider web hosting in general, 4 main types of web hosting are there, including:

  • Dedicated Hosting (dedicated server space for your website)
  • Shared Hosting (single server with shared resources catering to multiple websites)
  • Cloud Hosting ( A cluster of remote servers fr High Uptimes)
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS is still sharing the server but with limited websites)

However, 2 more specific types of hosting plan (which fall in the above categories) you can also consider :

  • WordPress Hosting (Optimized for WordPress blogs)
  • Reseller Hosting ( Buying web hosting and reselling services to other clients)

How To Make Smart And Informed Decision On Selecting Web Hosting Option

Curious to learn the considerations for choosing a web hosting option for your website?

Your decision to make a smart and informed decision on web hosting should highly depend on the type of website you have and knowing the traffic on your website.

The web hosting services claim that to know which web hosting option is best for your website, you must review your website scalability, performance, security needs because different websites have different hosting needs, and it mainly varies on the traffic you get on your website.

Understand this with an easy and relatable example

If you have a personal blogging website and on that, you get estimated to be 5,000-6000 monthly visitors, your hosting needs are surely different in comparison to a large e-commerce site where the monthly traffic is supposed to be 300,000 visitors per month.

Do you think website hosting is complicated?

Actually, it’s not! You can figure out web hosting for your website by determining a few simple steps, including :

  • Analyze and research about web hosting providers.
  • Check if you have predictable traffic
  • Consider your budget.
  • Desired uptime and security for your website

What Makes A Good Web Hosting: Uncover The Traits Of A Good Web Hosting

You must pay special attention to the important features before buying web hosting if you want to host your website on the internet.

But the daunting task is to pick the best web host for your website amidst a range of web hosting companies that best fit your requirements and budget.

If you are an inexperienced customer who’s not an expert in the technology sector but seek reliable information on the traits of a good web hosting company, bookmark this page because we are revealing to you what makes a web host excellent and reliable.

Check The Uptime

The uptime of a web hosting company is the ultimate metric.

Uptime is the time duration for which the server runs and stays up. Consider checking that you are getting guaranteed uptime by your web hosting company.

Wondering why you should do this? Tell me why you should not?

Anything related to machinery and technology has a probability of downtime and failure at some point in time.

From power outages to failure of equipment and internet blackout, several things can contribute to the client’s website downtime.

That’s where you should remain alert when selecting a web hosting provider for your website.

If you consider the testimonials of SiteGround Hosting reviews, you will discover that SiteGround web hosting offers 99.99% monthly uptime guaranteed!

Check their complete features here at SiteGround

Web Storage Capacity

Don’t overlook the storage requirements.

You need to store your website components including media and different files. The disk space should be taken and considered according to your website size.

If you run or own or plan to create a medium to the small-sized website, you pay attention to the storage part.

You must make sure that you get adequate or extra space that your website needs amidst making a selection of web hosts.

Look If You Can Host Plenty Of Domains 

Web Host services provide plans to host an unlimited number of domains.

I have opted for the Siteground’s Grow Big plan which allows me to host any number of websites.

This is a great plus for Affiliate Marketers where we need to host different websites for different niches.

PRO ADVICE – If you own a single account, there’s a limit on the domain number. But the number of add-on domains offered by SiteGround web hosting providers is enough to meet your business and personal requirements.

Verify If It Provide Regular Data Backup For Websites 

You will relate that cybersecurity is one one the crucial component in web management nowadays.

Imagine a scenario where you might experience hard disk failure or database failure. Sounds haunting? 

You can avoid such scenarios by selecting a SiteGround WordPress Hosting as it performs regular backups and provides on-demand backups.

It’s crucial to select a hosting provider that provides backup of your website and their databases and offers regular website backup service automatically.

Why SiteGround WordPress Hosting Stands Out The Best ?

It is because SiteGround enables you to backup your website files and database, which reduces mental stress and guarantees you the utmost security if anything goes wrong by removing the risk of building your website from scratch.

Web Hosting Provider Customer Assistance

Understanding how reliable the tech support offered by the web hosting provider company is another important factor.

The traits of a good web hosting company include providing 24*7 customer assistance accompanied by live chat services that help you resolve your issues at the earliest.

Whether you are new or possess advanced knowledge about web hosting, customer support reflects how client-centric and top-notch a web host provider is.

Determine The Bandwidth Limit Of Your Selected Web Hosting 

Often touted as a transfer of data, you must watch out and determine the bandwidth limit of the web hosting provider if you believe you will be rewarded with high traffic on your website.

PRO ADVICE – Start verifying with the amount of disk space and how many website visitors your website hosting packages serves per month. If you have visitors increasing on your website, you can upgrade your web hosting plan.

Reasons To Stay Away From Cheap Web Hosting Services

siteground wordpress hosting alternatives

If you consider my advice, I would strongly suggest you never consider cheap or free web hosting.

If you still go with the cheap web hosting solutions, chances are high you will also be one of the 14 million customers whose security and service have been compromised due to cheap web hosting providers.

That’s why you need to understand that savings are good but not in purchasing web hosting for your website.

If you buy cheap web hosting services, you will invite plenty of drawbacks and disadvantages like reduced speed, server outage. If you are looking for long term advantages, you should invest your money in a premium web hosting service.

From reduced server response to disbalancing, your SEO ranking and security threats are the few more reasons why you should stay away from cheap web hosting services.

Free and cheap hosting restricts you with limited features and control over applications and software. As a website owner – be it be personal or e-commerce, you don’t get enough options regarding which application and software you get to deploy.

Our final advice to you is to avoid spoiling your brand image with free and low cost web hosting.

Why SiteGround Is An Excellent Choice For Web Hosting

You have come across this far to find out why SiteGround is an excellent choice for web hosting. Keep scrolling to analyze what makes SiteGround famous or is SiteGround a good web host.

The further section is all about SiteGround Plan comparison, including educating you about SiteGround website builder.

SiteGround is a reliable hosting option for WordPress Sites, and digital marketers have no doubts about SiteGround as it offers users multiple hosting options.

You get a myriad of hosting options, including WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.

We absolutely recommend SiteGround WordPress hosting because of its solid uptime over the last few years, which is 99.99%. One of the trusted web hosting providers who claim that customers never have any time issues related to downtime.

In terms of page speed, you get impressive results. SiteGround made it possible because their servers spread out over three condiments and free of cost Cloudflare CDN Account.

Did we mention that you get a free SiteGround SSL Certificate and email accounts on all their packages?

Exceptional Customer Support Experience You Receive From SiteGround

Apart from top-notch speed, SiteGround really meets the expectations. We haven’t encountered any issues related to customer support. You can get your own quick answers over a 24*7 live chat option with a phone calling facility too!

It even allows and puts their high standard support at the heart of their services, and you could ask for phone tickets, as well as a chatbot system for instant answers.

Seriously, I am flabbergasted with their customer desk response when I opted for their live chat option to connect with their expert in less than a minute.

Neither there are any noticeable delays in the answers like other web hosting providers.

SiteGround Web Hosting has appointed the best of the best engineers and technicians in their team, which don’t delay and know the answers to each of your questions.

From professionalism to quick support and fast loading speed in wordpress hosting, SiteGround puts its competitors into dust.

Premium Services

The sole reason why SiteGround Web Hosting service is relatively more expensive than its competitors is it has 6 multiple data centers in Germany, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Singapore, USA, which acts as a catalyst in your website performance and speed.

SiteGround’s data center and the majority of your website visitors distance is often less, which in return, boosts your website performance.

The other web hosting companies don’t have that many data centers, and thus, SiteGround charges from you maintain the cost of the highly advanced data centers.

Talk about its services (free ssl, wordpress starter kit, one-click wordpress install, unlimited website hosting with its grow big plans, etc.)

Features Of SiteGround Web Hosting 

No matter which plans you take, SiteGround offers an SSD Storage solution with its each web hosting plan, which are way better than HDD Storage. Big marketing companies reported that there has been a dramatic hike in their website loading speed.

Provides Extra Security With Cost-Free SSL

SSL Certification is a must these days for any websites, be it security reasons or reliability reasons.

Not all hosting providers provide free SSL Certification until its SiteGround Web Hosting. SiteGround SSL Certificate is provided with every web hosting account.

Free Of Cost CDN

No matter which type of hosting web account you hold at SiteGround, there’s no harm in enjoying the free Cloudflare CDN provided by SiteGround.

Feel free to upgrade later into a premium version.

Did we mention you experience increased website speed to an excellent extent?

Don’t Pay Anything For Site Migration

Free site migration is the reason why SiteGround Hosting Reviews remains at the top in comparison to its peers.

With SiteGround, say bye to complications and worries as you can switch your web hosting company without any hassle with its free migration service.

For migration, your site from your previous web hosting company without any problem, SiteGround is the web hosting you can trust.

You Get 30 Days Money Refund Guarantee 

SiteGround offers a full 30 days money-back guarantee to its users who believe in their web hosting plans and feel that they are not satisfied with their solutions.

Site Ground Is A Big Game Changer In WordPress Community 

On top of that, SiteGround is more impressive than other web hosts and is considered a big player in the community of WordPress. You get extra WordPress features if you select the SiteGround WordPress Hosting. 

Mentioned below are the names of a few favorites

Speed Optimization Plugin

You get an exceptional speed optimization plugin for WordPress through which you can configure your cache option.

It also automatically optimizes the size of your image. Did we mention you get specialized WordPress Support?

YOu can use this initially and later choose to migrate to W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket.

Check our Essential Plugins for WordPress

Starter Plugin For WordPress

If you are concerned about setting up your WordPress site, fret not!

SiteGround has got you covered with their starter plugin that will be your guide amidst the phase of WordPress site setting. If you are a beginner, it’s a bonus for you!

Check How to Start a Blog with Siteground

Cluster Of Advanced WordPress Tools

If you are a blogger like me, the cluster of advanced WordPress tools can make the difference and ease your stress.

You get the option of creating staging areas.

Coming to the migration plugin, your WordPress site can easily be moved if you want to bring your website on the SiteGround.

I hope you got my point why SiteGround is touted as one of the trusted and exceptional WordPress Hosting Providers.

Highlights Of The SiteGround Web Hosting Plans

Keep reading to find out things to expect from each SiteGround Web Hosting Plans.

Before we start, you must know that there are 3 web hosting plans offered by SiteGround, which in most scenarios, adjust with the requirement of the individual person or business community.

3 Fast And Secure Web Hosting Plans By SiteGround Are

  • StartUp
  • GrowBig (Recommended)
  • GoGeek

What’s Common In All The 3 Web Hosting Plans 

You can install a free e-commerce shopping cart in all the 3 web hosting plans of SiteGround. If you are a designer or agency, you can ship your site to the client in all the three web hosting plans.

Your website traffic won’t get affected, and there would be no barrier to receiving the traffic on your website. But if your website visitors are massively increasing like it goes beyond 100,000, your shared hosting might fall short.

Unlimited database with email accounts you get with 30 days money back promise followed with 24 hours chat, email support.

Does It Mean All SiteGround Plans Are Equal? 

Of Course not! Take a look at their main differences and SiteGround Plan comparison

StartUp Plan

Do you own a single small to a medium-sized website? Are you the one who utilizes less than 10 GB of space?

If yes, then the StartUp plan is for you!

The package costs $6.99 per month in which you can host one website.

If you are a newbie, this plan is for you because it can handle up to an estimated 10,000 unique visitors per month with no limit bandwidth.

Plus, their 24*7 customer support is enticing, and you get free Cloudflare CDN and free SSL Certification, followed with daily backups.

The GrowBig plan

In this plan, you can host multiple websites, which the StartUp plan doesn’t provide.

By buying the GrowBig Plan, you can store more than one website with 20 GB of space.

In the $9.99 per month, you get all the 3 levels of the SuperCacher, which aids loading time followed by environment staging for Joomla and WordPress.

If you are seeking a cache dynamic content plan, GrowBig Plan is for you!  

GoGeek Plan

You have to shed down $14.99 per month and host as many websites as you want.

With 40 GB of space for up to 100,000 visitors per month, you get all the features of GrowBig and StartUp in GoGeek Plan along with one-click Git repo creation and PCI Compliance.

If you are an agency, you will appreciate it as these plans aid you with white label hosting.  

Why SiteGround WordPress Hosting Is A Right Choice For You 

If you own dreaming of a successful business and personal website, SiteGround Web Hosting can offer you dazzling services.

Need not to mention again that you can, later on, upgrade to its premium hosting plans like cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

By the way, SiteGround is wildly popular and is extensively used by leading Internet Marketers and E-Commerce business owners.

SiteGround reviews by leading Internet Marketers

Keep reading to dig out in what scenarios you must consider SiteGround as your Web Hosting partner :

  • Talking of generally, any website owner who wants a well-performing host.
  • If you are serious about hosting your online store using WordPress. 
  • If you are a professional blogger and have a medium to a big cluster of sites.
  • If you are a company or agency using WordPress.
  • If you want to collaborate with your clients through your website. 
  • Cutting edge features like staging areas for WordPress. 

Final Words 

I hope you got enough idea of what to expect from SiteGround WordPress Hosting?

SiteGround should be your web hosting service provider due to its impeccable customer support.

Apart from its customer excellence, you get rock-solid and fast servers at the top features loaded like SSL Certifications, CDNs.

Also, you can use a bunch of WordPress tools to super optimize your WordPress site, and migrate it too! From freelancers to agencies to developers, SiteGround has many features and is packed with airtight security.

In case you have any questions related to SiteGround Web Hosting reviews, drop your questions in the comments section. We will get back to you!

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