How to do Keyword Research and Rank Faster in 2020

how to do keyword research in 2020

Keywords are of prime importance when creating posts for your blog. These are the words that people are searching for in the search engines.

So, it is important to target these searchable words and optimize your article accordingly. In this article, we will learn how to do keyword research using both free and some premium tools.

This step forms the basis of ranking your articles in search engine so it is advisable to make use of all strategies available at hand to come up with a well drafted and well optimized article.

This article is part of the Affiliate Marketing for Beginner Series.

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Chapter 3 – How to Pick Profitable Niche

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What are keywords?

As mentioned earlier, these are queries that your target audience is looking for.

Let’s say, you want to start a blog and you go to Google and search for How to create a Blog

Now google and other search engines keep track of similar queries from other users.

Using few tools which we will see later, we can then find out the volume of searches for this and related queries.

This is the first step you do when you want to start writing for any article.

Let’s say you want to start an affiliate blog around guitars.

You go to google and type buy guitar

how to do keyword research

You can see the list of autosuggested phrases that google suggests. Each of them is a keyword or query that users are searching for.

How to do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing

The first point to keep in mind when starting your journey as affiliate marketer is that you should start your blog around a micro niche.

Learn more about niche selection at How to pick a profitable Niche.

Maybe you know many musical instruments but to start with focus on guitar niche, make it grow and then spread out.

Now what would be a good Keyword for a guitar blog?

For affiliate blogs, you need to focus on keyword that have a buyer’s intent.


Because, it is much easier to convert a visitor into a buyer who is already searching for a keyword with an intent to make a purchase.

For example.

Acoustic Guitars – very broad keyword. You cannot be sure whether the person wants to know more about acoustic guitar or if they are looking for an informational article. So, not a keyword with buying intent.

Best Acoustic Guitars – These are relatively better. It shows that user is looking for guitars in acoustic variant. These are known as mid-tail keywords (3-4 words).

Best Acoustic Guitar under 200$ – Now these are golden keywords. They are very specific keywords which reflect a buying intent. Additionally these long-tail keywords are known to have great conversion rates. If you target for these keywords, your audience is more likely to make purchase thereby making you affiliate commission.

How to do Keyword Research for Niche Sites ?

There is a saying in the affiliate world – Niches are where Riches are.

Now that you know how to pick a niche and identify good keywords, let us learn where can you get the ideas for such keywords.


Start with a broad keyword in mind

Your friend google should be your first place to get some ideas around your keyword.

Make a list of autosuggested keywords that reflect buying intent.

Also, when you search for a query on google, at the end of search results you will see list of related queries. Grab some good looking keyword from there.

Finding keywords from Quora

Quora is an amazing resource for keywords and even for driving free traffic to your blog which we will see later.

How to do market research on Quora?

Go to

Search for your keyword.

You would be shown numerous questions that people are asking for around your niche.

Make a note of keywords from these questions that look relevant for your blog.

how to do keyword research using quora

As you see in the screenshot above, when I search for buy guitar, I see list of questions.

My keywords from these list can be – best site to buy guitar online, buy Guitar Hero arcade, buy guitar strings during quarantine.

I think you get the idea.

We need to have a list of keywords out of which we will pick the most suitable keyword to target for our blog.

How to find keywords using Amazon Best Seller

This is one brilliant strategy I learnt from a premium affiliate seminar.

Google Amazon Best Seller + guitar (your product).

You will get the URL for best seller items in your niche.

Open the product listings and pick out relevant keywords from the description.

how to do keyword research using amazon best seller

According to the screenshot above, few good keywords could be acoustic guitar with truss rod, kadence frontier series acoustic guitar

Finding good keywords using Pinterest

You cannot ignore the power of Pinterest when it comes to keyword research or blog traffic.

The steps are pretty much the same.

Google your broad keyword + pinterest

For example, I searched for buy guitar + pinterest and looked for a relevant board to explore.

how to do keyword research using pinterest

Now I can choose buy esp guitars online as one keyword and open these pins and look for more ideas.

Semrush: How to do keyword research smartly

Semrush is by far the best tool for keyword research.

This is a paid tool but if you are serious about your business you can make use of their power packed features to optimize your blog posts.

You can check the feasability of your chosen keywords.

You can understand the volume of searches against that keyword and keyword difficulty ( how difficult it is to rank for the keyword).

It will suggest you related keywords, question variants of your keywords, etc. to give you a more clear picture for that keyword.

Another amazing feature which you will love is its ability to find all the keywords for which a top website is ranking.

For example, I googled buy guitars online.

I opened the URL of the first ranking website.

I copied the URL in SEMRUSH and it displays all relevant data about the keywords for that website.

SEMRUSH keword research

You can even generate content ideas around that keyword using SEMRUSH.

SEMRUSH how to do generate content ideas

The possibilities are endless with this tool.

I have still not been able to explore all its features. Will update this section if I find something new and useful.

Another alternative to this tool is AHREFS.

You can do your keyword research using AHREFS as well.

For some reason, I find SEMRUSH to be more intuitive. But that may be me.

You can also go for Ubersuggest tool by Neil Patel.

This is much cheaper.

I used it for some time but then switched to SEMRUSH for faster and more comprehensive SEO analysis.

Long Tail and LSI keywords

As discussed above, choose a long tail keyword. Even though the search volume for those keywords will be less, it will be easier to rank for those leywords.

Once you rank for a keyword and your article is good, you will soon start ranking for other related keywords.

One very powerful SEO strategy is to use LSI keywords.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are keywords which are related to your primary keywords. In a way they describe the same topic but in different words.

These words help Google better understand your article and ultimately makes you rank for them.

Hope this clears your doubts on how to do keyword research in 2020 and devise a perfect SEO strategy for your blog.

My idea here at AffiliateChef is to get you started quickly on your affiliate journey. So have given you the basics of keyword research strategy.

If you want more in depth understanding of keyword strategy check this article on AHREFS

Do let me know if you have any comments and suggestions around these topics. Will be happy to connect and discuss.

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