Ultimate Guide to Creating High Quality Seo Article for your Blog

High Quality Seo Article

Content has often been described as the heart of your Blog. This is absolutely true. You need to create amazing content aroud your niche to connect with your audience and emerge as a thought leader in your niche. In this arrticle we will talk about creating high quality seo article for your blog.

This article is part of Affiliate Marketing for Beginner series.

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First of all, why should you invest your time in creating quality content ?

Your quality of content is proportional to the brand value and brand image that is created.

Content is how your audience connects with you and if your content provides value, it helps in building trust with your audience.

Additionally, it is of equal importance to optimize your article for search engines so that they better understand your content and ultimately rank you for relevant keyword.

So, in short, a high quality seo article is one which caters to audience needs and is search engine friendly.

Also, this is the area where most of us are stuck. Many of us have the notion that we are not good at writing.

Do not limit yourself by the writer’s block.

Choose a topic, organize your headlines around that topic and build the article.

Different types of content that you can include for your niche

Your audience needs to see you as a thought leader in your niche.

It is only possible when you consistently create valuable content around your niche.

Let us look at different type of article that you should include.

Ultimate Guides

high quality seo article

These are in depth articles describing all the aspects around your topic.

What is the problem statement that your article will address?

What are the different ways in which the problem can be addressed ?

What are industry leaders advocating to deal with the challenge?

What is your experience around the topic?

Is there a tool or service that can help address this issue?

So these Ultimate Guide articles are one stop junction for all related queries.

Buyer’s Guide

I use these type of articles a lot for my Amazon Affiliate Website.

If I am promoting a product on Amazon, I write these detailed buyer’s guide to help users pick the best fit product as per their requirement.

Let’s say you are promoting air conditioners.

So you need to create a buyer’s guide where you talk about the best brands. You can mention about the pros and cons of a window AC and a split AC.

You can go ahead and describe how to pick the right capacity, what condenser variant to choose from, inverter or non-inverter AC, etc.

How to use the Product

This is one great type of content that converts well.


Because your audience gets to experience the product firsthand.

They learn from your experience and how it has benefitted you.

One thing to keep in mind is that people connect better with stories. They might forget the features or the benefits of the product but they will remember better if you show them the product and how it helped solve your problem.

Writing high quality article by listing best Items in the Niche

These are called listicles.

This is most common type of content but again very powerful where you write articles like Top 10 products in your niche.

This helps user understand what is trending and help them make an informed decision.

Additionally, this also gives you a chance to promote more than affiliate product.

It would be better if you can label few products like Best Selling, Popular Choice, Value for Money, etc. so that your audience can go for product as per their preference.

Review of popular product in that niche

You can capitalize on the popularity of a particular product by writing a comprehensive review about it.

People looking for such reviews have already decided to make the purchase. You just have to convince them to clear any confusion they have in mind regarding the product.

Check out the common FAQs related to the product and address them.

A VS B articles

Another widely used content idea is to compare two trending product in the niche and give your perspective to the comparison.

People need to be convinced that they are making a right choice especially if the price of the product is on a higher side.

One of my colleague makes great affiliate commission by comparing hosting providers (like SiteGround VS Bluehost) , WordPress themes (like GeneratePress VS DIVI).

You can similarly pick two top products and write an article around it.

Alternate items to popular products

Not every product fits every customer.

This is where such alternate articles become very popular.

You can write about a less expensive but still equally valuable product in your niche.

For example, let’s take an example of a premium WordPress plugin to decrease page load time – WP Rocket.

If your niche is around blogging, you can write about Best WP Rocket Alternatives for your blog.

Use Semrush to generate content ideas for high quality SEO article

I have already touch based on this technique to use SEMRUSH to generate content ideas here How to do Keyword Research

You can also use this tool to check what your competitor is writing and ranking for.

Writing SEO Optimized high-quality content

Ok, so you know what to write for your audience.

Now let us see, how you can make your articles SEO friendly and rank faster.

Recommendation: Use RankMath plugin for your SEO assessment needs.

Click worthy SEO friendly Headlines

No Brainer: your headlines must include your keyword.

Additionally, it should be compelling enough for people to click on it.

Checklist for blog titles

  • Keyword to be used at the beginning of the title
  • The title should have a positive or negative sentiment
  • It is highly recommended to include the Power Words (Power Words help create a strong emotional connect with the title. Read more about them here – Power Words)
  • Check the title score using CoSchedule title Analyser – Headline Analyser

Basic SEO checklist for high quality SEO article

  • Focus keyword in SEO title and meta description
    • When you use tools like YOAST or RankMath, you can edit the meta description. Must include focus keywords and other related keywords
    • You can use services like Serpsim to enter any URL and check their title, URL, and meta description
  • Your URL should be short and only include your focus keyword.
  • The article should have few headings with the focus keyword
  • Add images with alt text containing the keyword
  • Should include a few external reference website with a Do-follow link
  • Introduce your keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Use related keywords as well throughout the article as appropriate
  • Must include Internal links to other articles in your blog. This helps search engines better understand your niche.

How to structure your articles

Your article should have the following elements

Grabbing Attention

You have a very short time to grab the attention of your audience.

Start by stating the problem statement or a success story.

Try to hook your audience in your initial paragraphs.

Building Interest

Now that you have their attention, start building their interest.

Tell them how the product or service fixed your problem.

How greatly you have benefitted from the product and why it was a game-changer.

Any stats or testimonials will help build your point.

Creating Desire

Talk about the product and its features.

Tell your reader why this product is relevant to their need and this is a great deal.

This is the part where you add in from your experience so that users can relate better and think about how they can benefit of they have the same product.

Strong Call to Action

Motivate your users to take action now.

If it is a limited time deal, ask them to grab the offer now.

Scarcity creates the fear of missing out. So, use it wisely to pitch your call to action.

Outsourcing your Content Writing

There are few blogs for which I outsource the content writing tasks.

If your budget allows, you can do it too.

I hire writers from Upwork.

Post your job with a good description.

Ask them to share their work sample so that you can asses their quality of work.

After choosing a writer, give them a requirement doc with the list of keywords to target, content outline and few reference URLs around that topic.

If you need some help to hire writers, let me know in the comments or via email.

Concluding thoughts

Your articles are a means to build trust and relations with your audience.

It is better to promote what you have used and are confident about the quality and usefulness of the product.

Share genuine recommendations and your audience will love you for this.

Invest time in your niche to learn more about the idea.

Check what leading websites in your niche are writing and understand what sells better.

Writing high quality seo article is an art in which you get better with time. The more you write, the better you get at it.

Let me know your thoughts on this article and if you have any questions regarding this topic.

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