3 Best Affiliate Marketing Course in 2020 by Top Affiliate Marketers in India

If you’ve come here, you probably already know a bit about affiliate marketing, its effectiveness and profitability as a legit business. In this article, we will talk about 3 best affiliate marketing course in India that you can take online and expedite your success in Affiliate business.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful business models that I have come across and the fact that so many affiliate marketers have made it a full time career earning decent commission speaks about its legitimacy.

Of course this is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires constant effort and commitment to get the desired results.

I struggled a lot in my initial days because there are so many so-called experts promising quick results. There is so much content available online that it is hard to pick the right one that can help achieve a result.

If you are feeling the same, this article will help you with the answers.

Best Affiliate Marketing Course: How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

I am sure you would agree to the fact that the premium courses available online by leading affiliate marketers of the world are simply out of budget for someone from India.

If you google the price of the program that leading marketers like Pat Flynn and Authority Hackers are charging, you’ll find that almost all of them charge around $1000 dollars.

I had tried the free courses and videos available on YouTube but struggled a lot in implementing the strategies.

They simply did not seem to work for me because nobody shares their hard earned secrets for free (which I believe is fair).

It is only when I started taking paid courses, and using paid tools, I started seeing the results I had hoped for.

If you are looking for the perfect affiliate marketing training, you have come to the right place because I have listed the courses that I have taken myself and benefited immensely from them.

Without further ado let me share the 3 courses that will be a game changer in your Affiliate Marketing Journey

#1 Affiliate MasterClass by Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi needs no introduction in Indian Affiliate community.

He is one of the top affiliate marketers in India.

He has been blogging since 2011 and made a whooping $500,000 in affiliate commission already.

His journey is a great motivation as he transitioned from a small town boy to an accomplished affiliate marketer speaking at various conferences and travelling word wide as a result of his affiliate success.

Why should you take his training ?

He has created a world class training programme which is perfect for a beginner and equally helpful for intermediate bloggers.

This is a very action oriented training where you get to learn affiliate marketing basics and build your knowledge to match any leading affiliate marketer.

Course Content

In this course, he will show an amazing way to find a profitable niche. After this training, you will easily be able to differentiate between a niche that can help build a profitable business from the ones that will be a waste of time.

Once you have the niche, he will guide you how to do an effective market research. His strategies help discover the golden keywords that will make your blog perform well for search engines.

You get to learn all the tools, tips and tricks to create an SEO optimized blog. The training will give you the confidence to create high quality content that ranks fast in google.

How to set up an effective email marketing campaign that generates money on autopilot. Never before I have seen such simple and effective explanation and implementation of email marketing automation.

A very beginner friendly step by step guide to set up Facebook Ad campaigns to draw in visitors from Facebook.

This is a gold mine for those looking to start Amazon Affiliate websites. Never again you will need to take another amazon affiliate program course.

Overall Rating

Why this is one of the best course for affiliate marketing

He shares mind boggling tips and secrets which he has acquired over the years. These secrets alone make this program a $1000 worth of program

Access to his premium group and tribes. I cannot stress how important this will be in your journey ahead. After enrolling for his training, you not only get access to the premium content but you become part of his private Facebook group and telegram channels where he is always available to clear your doubts. To this day, I post questions on the telegram and he or his team answers every question. 

You get a list of 200 niche ideas that you can use to start your affiliate business

Behind every successful person there is a mentor. Kulwant does an amazing job in showing the path ahead for a successful affiliate business


#2 Affiliate Secrets by Rahul Mannan

This is the second best affiliate marketing course I’ve taken.

This affiliate marketing online course by Rahul Mannan is a different game altogether.

His strategies and techniques are way different than Kulwant’s program.

For some reason I stuck to the strategies advocated by Kulwant but my fellow course learners and his other students have had great success by applying his strategies.

Rahul is a dynamic individual still in his early twenties but he has managed to create a tried and tested system that performs really well.

Course Content

He starts by helping you understand the blueprint to create a long term affiliate empire. This resonated greatly with me as I was able to see the big picture in creating a long lasting business.

He does an amazing job to help figure out the profitability of a niche and how to pick one for yourself

His training program will help you identify your dream customer and how to draw them to your business.

He seems to have mastered the art of paid advertisement. With a lot of ease and clarity, you will understand how to set up Facebook and Google Ads and bring high quality targeted traffic to your blog.

Additionally you will master the art of Instagram marketing and Organic YouTube reach.

He is a champion when it comes to creating Funnels and making affiliate commission.

If you are looking for a clickbank affiliate marketing course, look no further. He illustrates how to pick up hot products from clickbank and other affiliate marketplaces and shows step by step to set up your own funnel using ClickFunnels.

You learn the effective strategies of connecting profitable products to targeted traffic.

 He focuses on email marketing and shows how to get started with email marketing.

Overall Rating

Why this is one of the best course for affiliate marketing

His training videos are very practical and engaging.

Step by step guide with clear explanations

Access to $100 a day challenge series with hidden secrets to succeed faster

Access to private FB group with active members who are very helpful in resolving queries

Weekly live training

The best part is 1 Hour Free Consultation where you speak to him and discuss in detail the strategies that will work for your business or any other issues

You will get to learn and master tons of useful concepts that will help you kickstart your affiliate marketing journey.

#3 Ultimate Affiliate Marketing GuideBook for Beginners – AffiliateChef

This is an in-house production of a complete guidebook for beginners who want to start a profitable blog.

Having struggled for years to make my blog profitable, I am well aware of the pain points, struggle and confusion to grow a blog.

You can get started on your affiliate journey by following the step by step instructions complete with visuals to avoid any confusion.

You get a very detailed instructions to set up your blog in no time.

You will get to learn everything about affiliate marketing, how to find a niche, finding golden keywords, writing high quality content, becoming an expert email marketing campaigner, how to outsource content writing and focusing more time on growing your business.

If you are not ready to make a big commitment on premium courses (which I highly recommend), you can go for this high quality, result driven guidebook that will get you started in no time.

If you are like me who prefers to read and follow along, then this guidebook is all you need to begin your affiliate journey.

Overall Rating

Why you should go for this Ultimate GuideBook

Very economically priced

Premium content with step by step instructions

Constant support, guidance and doubt clearance

Affiliate Secrets to expedite your success

Best resource for a beginner

After getting positive responses from my subscribers, I have released the book on Amazon to reach a wider audience who wants to start their side hustle at an economical price.
Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

#4 Digital Deepak Internship Program – Deepak Kanakraju

Deepak has built DigitalDeepak as one of the most trusted brands when it comes to digital marketing in India.

Deepak has championed the art of building mass trust and in his internship program he shares the blueprint to become a top-notch digital marketer.

Affiliate Marketing in a way is a subset (sub- niche) of Digital Marketing and there is no better mentor to learn Digital Marketing than Deepak.

I have been a part of his internship program and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about pursuing digital marketing ( whether to do freelancing work, get a digital marketing job, or start a digital agency).

He talks about everything (and in great depths) ranging from Law of Marketing, Picking a Niche, Becoming a King of Content, Perfecting Social Media Strategies, Mastering Lead Generation and becoming a PRO Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigner.

This is not another tutorial or program that imparts knowledge but this program will literally change your mindset and help you become an entrepreneur.


Overall Rating

Why you should go for his Internship Program

This program is practically free as he pays back after completion of each assignment

Amazing support from his team to clear the doubts through live webinars, Q&A sessions and FB group

In-depth quality content

You learn not just how to become a successful digital marketer but a successful entrepreneur

You become a part of an amazing community who help each other progress on a daily basis

This is a life transforming internship that will push and motivate you to create a successful online business.

His next batch starts soon. 

These are some of the best affiliate marketing course and resources that will equip you with the right tools, tips and strategies to become a top-notch affiliate marketer.

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