Affiliate Marketing through Email List: Ultimate Money Making Strategy

affiliate marketing through email list

You might have heard this phrase a lot if you been doing some research of your own – Email List is the secret to make money online. Let me reiterate it still. Affiliate marketing through email list is the most effective strategy for making money online.

You might have a great website, excellent content, awesome value giving products but if you do not have customers that can pay for the product then all is in vain!

If you are a beginner or trying to decode the secrets of email marketing on your own, you might have realized that it is not as straightforward as you thought it would be.

I remember my days when I was still new to blogging.

I knew that I have to grow my email list.

So, I did everything in my capacity to get few hundred subscribers.

Now, I started pushing content to them on regular basis but the magic that was promised through email marketing did not happen.

Only when I devoted myself to the subject, I understood the science behind affiliate marketing through email list.

This article lists everything you need to know to get started with an effective money making strategy using email marketing.

Let us begin.

What are Leads ?

You have a lead when you have contact details of your website visitor.

It can be only email but it is preferable if you at least have a name along with the email.

But not every visitor that awards you with their email id are buying customers.

Different types of Leads

Leads can be categorized into three broad categories.

  1. Cold Leads
    • These are visitors who subscribed to your blog may be for a free ebook or case study for a one time need.
    • These are not yet familiar with your brand
    • These leads are highly unlikely to make a purchase
  2. Warm Leads
    • These leads are returning visitors or people who are aware of your brand or services
    • These still need nurturing and motivation to convert them into paying customers
  3. Hot Leads
    • These are your hardcore fans who trust you and your opinions
    • You have given them enough value upfront and now they are absolutely ready to buy your products
    • You can do effective affiliate marketing through email list by targeting your hot leads

Why you need to build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing

Your email list is your life line of your business.

They are absolutely essential to your affiliate marketing business because of two very important reasons.

#1 Social Media Pitfalls

Your social media followers are not leads.

You may work hard to get thousands of followers or more on your Facebook or Instagram page but at the end they will remain the users of Facebook or Instagram.

Same is true for other social media accounts.

As more and more people join these social media, your reach to your own followers are declining.

Now Facebook charges you if you want to reach your own followers.

Let’s take the example of Facebook.

For every user that is present in their system, Facebook wants to show as many different types of content as possible.

Multiple companies are running ADs to showcase their product.

So with limited attention span, your followers might not see everything that you post for them.

Additionally, these social media companies might close their operations like Google+ or might not be able to continue their operation like we recently saw for TikTok.

I am not saying that Social Media is dead or anything.

It is just that we need to have a much better strategy when it comes to social media marketing.

#2 Change in SEO parameters

There are over 200+ factors when it comes to SEO optimization. SEO is pretty dynamic and you need to be aware of the changing dynamics.

Of course, we still need to invest time and effort in writing SEO optimized articles but an algorithm update can also negatively impact your ranking and organic traffic.

So, to sum up start working on your email list from day one.

This will be always by your side, no matter what.

Importance of Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are the proven ways to get subscribers to your blog.

Everybody loves free stuff!

If you provide your audience with a high value lead magnet they will be more likely to share their email address with you.

You can bring your audience from social media platforms using paid media ads (Something which we will learn in the coming chapters) by advertising your lead magnet.

What can you provide as a Lead Magnet?

Different types of Lead Magnets

Your lead magnet should solve a specific problem that your audience has.

You can create


These are most common and high converting lead magnets. Think of a specific problem relevant to your niche.

Create high value content and give it as an ebook in exchange for email address.

Case Study

You can share a case study about how you benefitted from a product and generated revenue

Mini Web Courses

Share your learning in form of a free web course to warm up your audience. This is a great way to build trust with your audience.

Other popular options are discount, coupons, reports, pdf guide, etc.

Read more about Lead Magnets

Affiliate Marketing through Email List using ConvertKit

ConvertKit is the best email marketing and email automation tool in the market.

Its intuitive interface helps create an amazing email drip campaign ensuring that your audience gets their email in the correct order.

It is crucial that your audience receives emails in the order as planned so that they can be effectively converted into hot leads.

You can segment your audience based on actions they perform on your website ( like purchase, course signup, subscribe, etc.) and send very targeted and relevant emails.

ConvertKit helps plan the lifecycle of subscribers and eventually result in high conversion rates and thereby more sales.

Your ConvertKit drip campaigns can be fully customized to set the intended delivery time, configure delays between emails, set rules and conditions to send different emails based on user action.

Free Plan

ConvertKit has a free plan using which you can create unlimited landing page, send email broadcasts to your lists, tag subscribers and manage up to 1000 subscribers.

But with everything that is free, you only get a limited functionality.

P.S. Many instructors will tell you to go for a premium landing page builder but if you are starting, then convertkit has sample landing pages and forms that you can configure for your use.

How to Setup Email Drip Campaign using ConvertKit

By now you must have created a compelling Lead Magnet.

Now we will setup a landing page or a form for users to enter their contact details.

Setting Up Landing Pages or Forms

If you are planning to run social media ads get your subscribers then you need to have a landing page that talks about your lead magnet and motivates your audience to take action.

Landing pages are just a single page without any navigation, sidebars or other distractions.

You can also setup subscription forms inside your blog posts or blog pages to capture leads.

According to market experts almost 96% of your traffic will not purchase from you the first time.

The contact details obtained from these landing pages and forms will give you a chance to nurture your leads and showcase your expertise in that niche.

You can login to your convertkit account and create a form or landing page.

affiliate marketing through email list

Let’s say you select a Form to include in your blog.

Click on Form and choose from a display format of the form.

how to setup drip campaigns

I chose Modal and selected a template in the next page that appealed to me.

Once you select a template, you can configure the image, text, background color, button click actions, etc.

how to setup form for drip marketing

Give a Form name

Go to Settings

  • Do not enter the domain
  • Can edit the success message that a user gets after subscribing to the form.
  • Click on Incentive and edit the email content
affiliate marketing through email list - incentive email

You can now embed this form in your WordPress blog by using the ConvertKit WordPress plugin or by pasting custom HTML in your blog.

affiliate marketing through email list - embed form

Using Visual Automation to structure the Drip campaign

Go to the subscribers tab in your ConvertKit account and in the right side bar under tag section, create your first tag.

Give a tag name which is same as the form name you have created earlier.

Next part is to create sequence.

This is the sequence of the emails that you will send to your subscribers carefully grooming them in the time period spanning a few days so that they convert from cold leads to warm to hot leads.

Go to Automation tab and click on Sequence tab.

Click on New Sequence.

sequence - affiliate marketing through email list

How to configure a Sequence?

As can be seen in the screenshot above, this is the area where you create your email sequence.

For the first email, it is advisable to change When to Send to immediately so that your subscribers will receive the email as soon as they fill out the form.

Now go ahead and add more emails in the sequence. You can set the delay to send email after 1 day or more from the last email.

You can share your popular posts or high quality articles.

You can additionally add filters for a particular email in the sequence so that a particular group of users will not receive that email.

For example if a user has already made a purchase, you can add a Customer tag to the user and then configure the sequence to not send them email.


Effective use of Email Automation for Massive Conversion

Email automations are what I love most about ConvertKit.

The power to visualize your customer journey is what makes email automation the best strategy to do affiliate marketing through email list.

automation-affiliate marketing through email list

As you can see in the screenshot above, I created this test sequence to show you how easy and intuitive it is to get started with email marketing using ConvertKit.

What is happening here is that when the user fills out the subscription form, they are added a tag. Next we send them emails in the sequence as prepared earlier.

In this Automation, the starting point is when a user subscribes to a form. You can choose the form name that you had created earlier.

Next click on the + (plus) sign to add an action.

Choose Add a Tag and attach the tag you had created earlier to associate your subscribers with a tag.

Next, add an action again and choose sequence.

Select the Email Sequence created earlier.

You can also add a condition as shown in the screenshot to take further action based on user behavior. If they convert into a customer, you can send them a customer onboarding sequence emails or add them to a Follow Up sequence.

Concluding Thoughts

Your Email list is your most valuable asset in Affiliate Business.

Start working on it from day one and use effective email marketing strategy to grow your business.

Start by creating a compelling lead magnet. Let me know if you need any ideas or suggestions in your niche.

Create a sign up form or landing page.

Draw visitors from social media and organic reach.

Take your customer on a pre planned journey using ConvertKit and nurture them from cold non paying customers to hot leads (paying customers).

Do share your thoughts on this article and let me know how you feel about it.

Drop me an email at if you need more explanation about any of the step above.

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